Barium Selat Technologies was founded in 2020 and aims to provide new technological solutions for customized automation, systems and materials that are high quality and cost effective.

Our team is led by technical professionals who are more than qualified to meet your industrial and technological needs.

We are accredited with ISO 9001 and 45001 to guarantee our customers the standards we set for ourselves.


To provide holistic technology solutions, raging from application software to visual inspection systems.


To be the premier technology solution company, supporting various industries across South East Asia.


  • Innovation is encourage
  • Honesty, integrity, and openness
  • Effective and efficient


We strongly believe in creating new partnerships and strengthening existing ones as new technologies enable the growth of industries in the Malaysian ecosystem. We are always open to more partnerships as we expand our business scope.

Palisade is the world’s leading provider of risk and decision analysis software solutions for major companies globally. Palisade’s unified software platform helps clients increase margins, improve performance, expand market share and maximize operational efficiencies.

We act as a distributor for Palisade’s analysis tools for major companies in Malaysia.

Tessvida is an experienced total process kits solutions provider for IC, pan-semiconductor, new energy and more leading industries. They continuously improve and expand their R&D and manufacturing capabilities with engineering expertise in advanced materials, precision machining and surface treatment, to provide customers with complete product and service solutions.



Vision & Optics Inspection Systems

Semi-automatic and automatic product inspection tools for macro defects. Fully customizable and modular for easy integration into inspection processes

Engineering Solutions

Solutions to daily issues by addressing the root cause through innovative invention

Monitoring Systems

Solutions enabling users to easily collect and analyze data from manufacturing processes

Repair & Service

Maintenance support focusing on equipment repairs such as chillers, furnaces, PCB boards, and much more

Equipment & Process Optimization

We can optimize your process equipment with software monitoring and data analysis. Our expertise includes PECVD furnaces, LPCVD refilling systems, ovens, and scavenger systems.

Precise Precision of Parts

We have experience in precision manufacturing of parts used in the semiconductor and fabrication industries, and can create 3D models and drawings as part of the manufacturing process.
Parts that we have manufactured:

  • Lens tester kits
  • Quartz storage cabinets
  • Maintenance stainless steel trolleys
  • Wafer boat lifters


What kind of projects do we tackle?

We firmly believe in creating new partnerships and strengthening current ones, as new technologies enable the growth of industries in the Malaysian ecosystem. We are always open to more partnerships as we expand our scope of business.

Short Term

Provide technical solutions through
digitization and automation

Medium Term

Managing waste through technological equipment for environmental perseverance

Long Term

Premier technology solution
provider globally

Completed Projects

Hot Roller Oven Sourcing
and Commissioning
Manual Lens
Testing Tools
Prototype Low Cost
VI System

Ongoing Projects

Advanced Precision Cleaning for Semiconductor Parts

Setting up a state-of-the-art advanced cleaning facility for semiconductor parts in Malaysia

The parts cleaning industry is an essential service which increases the overall equipment efficiency & provides quality sustainable operations to the semiconductor manufacturers

to Fuel

Production of renewable naphtha
and light diesel oil

Value of USD$ 1.1 billion of plastics are lost to Malaysia’s economy

Reasons for lack of recovery:

  • Contamination
  • Low Material Value
  • Lack of Technology
  • Improper segregation
Silicon Carbide

A semiconductor base material that consists
of pure silicon and pure carbon

Advantageous for high power applications, elevated temperatures and high thermal conductivity

Key uses of SiC in Semiconductor Industry: EV, Solar Power Inverters & Sensor Systems, high-power devices, lining work for its abrasion resistance & dimensional stability

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