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KEMAMAN LMP (KLMP) provides a complete storage solution to fulfill the demands of Oil and Gas service providers working offshore West Malaysia. Our facility offers mixing and storage of drilling fluids along with mud treatment and brine filtering for waste management.

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Green chemistry emphasizes the importance of product design, raw material use, manufacturing, usage, and disposal. Ova Chem creates high-performance, environmentally friendly chemicals from plant and organic waste. Our new green factory will be embodying the circular economy by utilising recycled waste, revolutionary manufacturing methods, and monitoring environmental impact. This supports Ova Chem’s claims for achieving its goal of being the most trusted name in specialty chemicals.

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RINOCA was founded to empower the global oil & gas sector, especially in the ASEAN region. They provide solutions for waste management and liquid storage facility. With their wide array of equipment and services, Rinoca looks to satisfy your operational needs through exceptional service and equipment assets.


As the company grew, there were many gaps that called for technological solutions that are cost effective and high in quality. Barium Selat Technologies was incorporated to counter this issue by providing customized automation, systems, and materials for clients within various industries, with an emphasis on the semiconductor and oil & gas industries.

On the other hand, BST also centralises the research and development that takes place under the Barium Selat Group via the Centre of Research, Development & Commercialization (CRDC), screening new ideas and business opportunities through rigorous and standardized procedures.

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Established in the year of 2021, Barium Selat Capital Sdn Bhd acts as an investment arm for Barium Selat Group by providing financial resources, to ensure sustainable growth for each subsidiary. Their goal is to become one of the leading regional asset management firms, by diving into the world of disruptive technologies.

Barium Selat Capital aims to invest in disruptive technologies, as well as stepping into the venture capital industry, always on the look for the new “unicorns”, both nationwide and globally.

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LOKEN Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Barium Selat Group with the goal of being Malaysia’s first manufacturer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). When compared to conventional jet fuel, this fuel promises to cut CO2 emissions from flights by 80%, clearing the way for a decarbonized aviation industry and hastening the transition to net zero carbon.

LOKEN’s production of SAF embraces the circular economy by using waste biomass generated by the agricultural industry today as feedstock, converting them into sustainable fuels.

As traditional fossil fuels will eventually run out in the future, LOKEN believes in utilizing renewable sources, GOING BEYOND FOSSIL and looking towards alternative fuels for a more sustainable future.

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One of the world’s most significant human health and environmental challenges is plastic garbage. Plastic is the world’s third-largest trash source, with the total volume of plastic garbage increasing in lockstep with global population and per capita consumption growth. For us to really step into the circular economy ecosystem, our newly acquired subsidiary – Eng Hong Plastic Industry (M) Sdn. Bhd. focuses on recycling daily LDPE Plastic Waste into plastic resins, which can be made into recycled materials such as home furnishing like chairs and table.

Our mission in the plastic recycling industry is to tackle the worldwide plastic pollution that has been damaging both our landed and marine ecosystems. Together, we will make a difference.